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Changing the World Together

ICSB Community

The ICSB Community acts like a garden providing seeds of knowledge, quality content, and organic input, while also celebrating and acknowledge all the contributors and leaders who help make ICSB what it is today (The Premier Global Platform in Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise).



 KNOWLEDGE HUBS (KHubs) are institutions or networks, dedicated to capture, share and exchange development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate development for micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

ICSB Educator 300

The ICSB Educator 300 online platform will serve as a database of the world’s most well-renowned professors from around the globe. The database will include profiles on each professor with information on their research interests, experiences, and primary teaching language.


ICSB Awards

The ICSB Awards series recognizes all of the outstanding members and non-members that make ICSB so great! The three current awards one can be nominated for are the ICSB Mini-Globes, Presidential Award and the Osman Award.

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