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Virtual Events

Unlocking The Potential of MSMEs in the Philippines

8:30am – Hybrid via Zoom
Eric Caeg, President – International Council for Small Business Philippines

The event will have two parts: 
1. June 27, 2022, 8:30-11:30am (Ph. Time)
A mini-conference featuring Speakers who are from the Government, Entrepreneur Practitioners and Panelists who will discuss the latest trends that affect MSMEs.

2. June 27, (afternoon) to June 28 and 29 (10:00am - 6:00pm Ph. Time)
The second part of the event will feature a Business to Business inter-face of MSMEs with ICSB Philippines Members.   MSMEs will approach tables where Members and Other Organization Partners will be ready to provide assistance on the following areas:

a. Mentoring (Entrepreneurial Mindset, Marketing)
b. Coaching (Performance, Emotional Intelligence)
c. Digital E-Commerce Platform
c. Digital Payment Gateways
d. Digital Creatives
e. Opening of Bank Accounts
e. Access to Financial Loans
f. Logistics & Supply Chain
g. Legal Services
g. Government Compliance

Digital Money - The Impact on Informal-Formal Debates

10:00am – Online

Mr. Paul Crook – CrookConsults

Sponsor further awareness and dialogue on how digitalisation is impacting how we do development. Is the informal - formal distinctions still valid? Should we looking further at other factors in terms of social protection to move away from the precariousness of employment? What impact platform ownership and the costs of doing business? 

Making a Difference Through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

10:00am – In-Person
Dr. Anthony Tibaingana – Makerere University, College of Business and Management Sciences

The event will be conducted in English at Makerere University, it will be hosted by myself as the moderator and I will invite the Minister of Trade and the president of Uganda Small and Medium Enterprises as key note speakers. Women entrepreneurs who have made it, will be among the speakers as well as the Youth since the preponderance of our population is young.

Enhancing Digital Banking Tools for Women Entrepreneur

10:30am – Online
Kesseven Padachi, Associate Professor – University of Technology, Mauritius

To show case an online platform to enhance WE digital education in adopting e-banking tools towards business efficiency.

Micro, Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas: Los Otros Campeones de la Sostenibilidad (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: The Other Champions of Sustainability)

5:00pm – Online
Prof. Dr. José Luis Vázquez Burguete, Observatorio de Producción Local y Consumo Sostenible

La jornada cuenta con la participación de Francisco Rábano, conocido divulgador, quien presentará su iniciativa Lenta Premura, con la que está recorriendo la costa ibérica e un viaje a pie y de residuo cero para localizar y conocer de primera mano experiencias de innovación social llevadas a cabo por parte de micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas.

Tras ello, dos pequeños empresarios locales contarán sus vivencias particulares: Alejandro García Ordóñez, en Pinaster Servicios Medioambientales (dedicados a la explotación sostenible de recursos forestales), y Urbano González Escapa, en URZAPA (apicultores ecológicos y artesanos).
La jornada concluirá con una mesa de debate en la que participarán asimismo representantes del Observatorio de Producción Local y Consumo Sostenible, entidad promotora de la iniciativa.

Entrepreneurship in Mexico: Perspectives and Conditions of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

5:00pm – Hybrid
Elvira Naranjo, National Coordinator GEM Mexico – Tecnologico de Monterrey

Analysis and results of the entrepreneurial environment in Mexico will be presented according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor methodology.

ICSB Africa Congress 2022 -
The Woman Entrepreneurial Revolution in Africa

9:00am – Hybrid

C. Kassoum, President & CEO – Global Institute for Women's Empowerment Group

The Global Institute for Women’s Empowerment Group (GIWE GROUP) plans to organize under the High Patronage of H. E. Dr. Winslow SERGEANT, Chair of the ICSB, the 1st Edition of the ICSB Africa Congress under the Theme: “The Women Entrepreneurial Revolution in Africa”.

This ICSB Africa Congress will provide an open space for eminent representatives of the MSME Private sector, Governments, Women and Youth to discuss and—build on their respective experiences— jointly identify a set of recommendations for scaling up women entrepreneurship policy development and implementation for broad-based, inclusive growth and sustainable development in Africa.

Resilience and Rebuilding: MSMEs for Sustainable Development

10:00am – Hybrid

UN Live Broadcast Part 1 - 10:00-12:00pm EDT

UN Live Broadcast Part 2 - 1:00-3:00pm EDT

UN Live Broadcast Part 3 - 3:00-6:00pm EDT

This MSME Day 2022 hybrid event, "Resilience and Rebuilding: MSMEs for sustainable development at the forefront of building back better and stronger from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis and conflicts" focuses on how purpose-driven MSMEs and social entrepreneurship are at the center of contributing to inclusive growth, combating inequalities and building back better and stronger, especially during challenging times. Entrepreneurs' adaptability and resilience have aided in responding to economic shocks, increasing the participation of women, youth, and other disadvantaged groups part in the local, national and global economy.

The event will feature micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, including women and youth-led social start-ups, alongside global leaders to highlight progress, gaps, and challenges that MSMEs and entrepreneurs continue to encounter, undermining their contributions to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

World African SMEs
Celebration Day 2022

11:00am – In-Person

Darlington Onuoha Kalu, Amb – African Association for Small and Medium Enterprise

We are joining the international council for small business ICSB to host the nation Nigeria on the celebration day of June 27 2022 . Our achievement and success in the Development of the MSMEs in our area.thanks Amb Darlington onuoha kalu president General CEO African Association for small and medium Enterprise AASME.

Humane Entrepreneurship in Korea

5:00pm – In-Person
Ki Chan Kim, Professor/President – Compania School

코로나이후 사람중심기업가정신의 질 좋은 고용과 성장체험을 공유합니다

Building, Financing and Leading a Sustainable Business

5:00pm – Online
Dr Anino Emuwa, Founder – Africa Women CEOs Network

A business clinic facilitated by two experts on entrepreneurship and finance to help women entrepreneurs run success business.

The Journey of the Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem from the Map to the Platform 

9:00pm – Online
Nabil Shalaby, Chairman – Arab Entrepreneur House

An online talk (in Arabic) about the first world platform that includes the supportive organizations of entrepreneurship, micro, small and medium enterprises, which accommodates 88 innovative startups and 648 support channels from 38 countries till now.
حديث عبر الإنترنت (باللغة العربية) عن أول منصة عالمية تضم المنظمات الداعمة لريادة الأعمال والشركات متناهية الصغر والصغيرة والمتوسطة ، والتي تتضمن 88 شركة ناشئة مبتكرة و 648 قناة دعم من 38 دولة حتى الآن

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